Personal Security:

Security personnel for safeguarding our customers, friends and families. Our security guards come handy especially during pressure situations and are equipped to handle it with care.

Executive Security:

Custom-made executive security/ protection. Well built and courageous bodyguards are available with us at all times and can be stationed at remote as well as urban locations.

VIP Protection:

We also provide armed guards and escort s for VIP’s and VVIP’s. Our in-house gunmen and shooter are an unique feature can highlights our efficiency and capability.

Events and Locations:

We are well experienced in providing gatekeepers for showrooms, shopping malls, cinema halls and at events such as weddings, public gatherings star shows and other major events.

Investigative Jobs:

We have qualified investigating team and enquire into any kind of information required by our clients.

Security Consultancy:

It caters to all kind of suggestions pertaining to the requirement of our client’s safety. We also deal in security risk analysis and suggest solutions for curbing the same.

We are equipped with a well-ventilated offices and open grounds, which facilitates the training and recruitment processes of our security guards at all branches. An extremely strategic location, it facilitates the field officers and security supervisors, to keep a check on all the security guards – within and across the border. This enhances our ability to facilitate on the spot checks and extra cover facilities at a go.