Event Security Services

We provide security service for various events like the sports event, product launches, concerts, corporate meets, etc. Facilities we provide here are:

  • a. Traffic management
  • b. Crowd control
  • c. Knowledgeable and trained safety officers
  • Omsai PDSS Pvt. Ltd (OPDSS). Observe to a great status in the present competitive market for being the noticeable Event security service provider. We provide these amenities to various events included sports events, product launches, corporate meets concerts and trade shows exhibitions. We consider in handling our clients with the highest degree of truthfulness. We have the most knowledgeable and trained safety recruits in our company who are well proficient to offer this assistance. The services are provided by using premium superiority arms and safety appliances. Owing to their trustworthiness, promptness and well functionality, these rendered services are extensively esteemed and accredited. Omsai PDSS Pvt. Ltd (OPDSS) also participates for Events of all degree and thoughtfulness; we have the experience, competence and a verified track record, Bullion management Inventory Control and Crowd control. Our Activities also in Traffic control management and access control.

    Our Omsai PDSS Pvt. Ltd (OPDSS)have several years of involvement in creating, arranging, and actualizing safety gets ready for a wide assortment of corporate social affairs. For instance, we comprehend the remarkable dangers of yearly investor gatherings and executive gatherings. At the point when individuals' vocations or ventures remain in a critical state because of corporate choices, partners including lenders, clients, providers and representatives can frequently depend on uncommon activity.