There is saying in the corporate sector that “ONCE OPDSS STEPS IN, IT NEVER GOES BACK”s.

  • OPDSS has been in operations since 1985. The company has gone through various structural reforms to maintain growth, adopt to new legislation within security industry and trends within the modern business environment.
  • The company began as a sole trader with 20 staff and now has more than 34,000 Work Force with the Turnover of above 200 crores.
  • We have security experience dealing with wide range of security services, uniformed Security officers, Bodyguards, Event management, Venue crowd controllers, Security Transportation services and other security projects of large scales.
  • OPDSS recognised the need to provide exceptional service to its clients. A team of specialised security professionals, with long-term commitments and the intent to endure, maintain and excel a strong market position was formed.
  • In today's competitive world, OPDSS has a stable and committed top Management team and focuses on attracting, retaining and nurturing talent at all levels.
  • Corporate objectives are imbued into the people who work for OPDSS. With an emphasis on their specific responsibilities and roles in the Company's larger scheme of things, OPDSS encourages everyone to have a broad perspective of its philosophy and where the Company is heading.
  • The Company realizes the importance of succession planning to facilitate a seamless transition of leadership's role to the next level and towards this end, high performers are being recognized and groomed to assume leadership positions.
  • Well renowned for a high standard and quality of workmanship, OPDSS is proud of its ability to design, supply, integrate & commission technology solutions to complement manpower security services, within budget and to meet agreed Customer timelines.